ts2 as a company provides various services to a wide range of organisations around the country. due to the nature of the business in which we operate, we work within environmental guidelines. we believe that we all have an equal responsibility to the impact of our actions upon the environment. at ts2, we undertake to provide our services in a manner that takes all of the risks into consideration and therefore reflects our concern about environmental issues.

responsibility for implementation of our policy lies individually and collectively with each employee and operative, similarly with your appointed project team. we aim to influence the materials, components, installations and methods used so that wherever possible sustainable, renewable alternatives are utilised. furniture consultancy llp operates a recycling policy in which we take pride. by continuing education and training of our personnel and by imparting information to our clients and contractors, it is the aim of furniture consultancy llp to actively minimise harm to our environment whilst integrating with current legislation and health and safety policies.

assessment and implementation
where necessary, an environmental register will be set up, plus any other appropriate areas. our current activities and services are reviewed periodically in relation to their environmental impact. appraisals made on how to improve these activities and services in environmental terms where necessary. details on how to implement these measures on a business-wide basis will be set out. all changes and progress will be recorded in the environmental register. periodic review of all products supplied.

staff training and communication
a training programme for staff in relation to general environment issues and our environmental policy is being developed. a method of communicating policy and actions to staff is in progress.

measures are in place to identify, access and comply with current environmental legislation, voluntary codes of practice and industry standards. we will keep records of environmental legislation, voluntary codes of practice and industry standards relevant to our business.